The Ups & Downs of being a Mother & Wife

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True friends. Why are they so hard to find?.

{December 21, 2011}   In need of some advice.

In need of some advice..

{December 21, 2011}   Merry X-Mas Everyone!!!!!!!

Merry X-Mas Everyone!!!!!!!.

{July 10, 2011}   What excuse is a good excuse?

We all have obligations in life ranging from important to extremely important. For example, our jobs are not more important than our families. Yes, a job is what keeps a family  afloat when it concerns finances, but when you think about it does it really keep a family together? In the bible it has many scriptures stating that family is the most important of them all, which means before jobs, and any other nonsense that you think maybe of some importance. When do you see it as a problem, your spouse works six days a week, and on Sunday which is his only day off he or she chooses to come home and don’t even try to do anything to spend time with the family.

What is going on with this scenario? What makes them take this path in life, is it from being tired from a long work week? They maybe just want that one day to themselves to do what makes them happy because they feel they have sacrificed 6 days providing for their family, but really is this justified? If that is the case you should have thought long and hard before you decided to add a wife and child in the picture.

Have you ever tried to express your concerns to them and they respond by brushing you off by saying, “Why are you calling me a bad parent”. Blah, Blah, Blah, and grow up why don’t you. At least you can get a day off , for me it’s 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of joy, happiness, sadness, frustrations, drying tears, kissing boo boo’s, and whatever else goes on in the world of the at home parent.

Do any of you feel a sense of relief at work? Work is a place where you can build friendships, advancements, promotions, make money, take breaks, vacations, and many more things. There isn’t a paycheck at the end of the week for a at home parent, only hugs and kisses. Is this enough all the time? Don’t you feel at times that you need some adult stimulation from your spouse while they are working those 10-12 hour shifts? What excuse do they usually give you, oh I was too busy at work the time just fled by and didn’t think to call and check up on you. After a week of this it gets old doesn’t it?

Do you feel ignored by your spouse when they are at work? How many phone calls do you receive saying I love you, and thank you for taking care of our children I know it’s a hard job. Well we need to take a stand and do something about it. I call it the 3 strikes rules

  1.    Communication: Explain how you feel.
  2.     Interact: Do something to initiate better behavior.
  3.     Killem’ with silence: When they need you for something let then experience some of their own medicine that they do so well.

In conclusion, there is no perfect family, however we all have a choice to do what’s right to make the people around us happy. Having a family isn’t easy, but it is necessary to provide for them and be the best parent and spouse you can be. Stay strong, and know that you are not alone with this.

I have been in a up and down battle being a mother and wife, but my most difficult obstacle in life is my health problems. Every morning I lay in my bed hoping that the day will go as I planned the previous night. I say to myself ok, at 6:30 a.m I will make the coffee, go to the restroom and do the do, have breakfast ready for the family, make sure my hubby is up and ready for work, and ya da ya da ya….

It never goes the way I want it to. At 6:30 a.m I wake up to take my daily medicines for my Adrenal Insufficiency, Cardiogenic Syncope, GERD, IBS,and multiple back problems. It takes me until 7:00 a.m for all my meds to kick in just to get out of the bed. I love being a mother and a wife. I think that’s what keeps me going everyday to give me the motivation to keep moving. I know my family needs me, and I am the foundation to it all. We all make sacrifices in life for our families and ourselves. How many times have you caught yourself skipping a meal because you just can’t fit it in your schedule? I guess this is what has led society to obesity because when we do eat, it has to be on the go. Racing to our favorite fast food restaurant to fill the void of emptyness in our belly. Fastfood is  never a good choice for nutrition, especially for those who are sick. I love to cook everyday, but my body tells me sometimes that I need to lay down and rest a while. How does this affect my family? Are they concerned that i’m not feeling well or more concerned with what I can’t do for them? For me, i’m filled with guilt because at that very moment I can’t provide for my family, but I have to remind myself that I didn’t ask for these health problems.

Being ill not only affects you, but it also affects your family. There has been many times that I recall my family looking over me near death with tears in their eyes not knowing if I would pull through. It was bad for me because I was sick, however I know in my heart they were in a worser position than me not knowing if they would still have a mother or for my husband a wife. I can’t put into words how bad I felt for them, but it’s a part of life. I don’t know how much time I have left on this earth, but the time that I do have left I want to spend every waking moment with my family.

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